Fishing Reports


We had a GOOD start this morning with the BLUEFISH.  On the first drift, we picked at the 5 to 7lb. BLUES and then it slowed on the second drift and finally died out.  We then went further offshore and had nice long drifts where we picked right away on the CHUB MACKEREL along with SEA BASS, some FLUKE and a few BLACKFISH that we carefully released.  There was plenty of action at times.

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We read a lot of fish on the Exotics Trip, caught one Mahi and had quite a few sharks along with a couple fish that might have been Tuna that we lost. Unfortunately, the weather could have been better and might have attributed to the Tuna not biting.
Our next Exotics Trip departs Monday night, August 1st, so we will be right back out there.
We are back to our regular 7:30am schedule tomorrow so we will see you in the morning.


It was mostly steady fishing all day with some BLUEFISH, KEEPER SEA BASS and a lot of shorts, FLUKE and LING. The BLUEFISH wanted bait today. We also had a great big SHARK, about 8’ long and we got him up to the boat for everyone to see and then let him go. Overall, it was a DECENT day of fishing.  

Make your reservations on our website and come fishing with us. 

We will see you in the morning.


It was another exciting trip on yesterday’s AFTERNOON FISHING & SUNSET CRUISE with beautiful weather and nice action with the SEA BASS. We had KEEPER SEA BASS and plenty of throwbacks so everyone had a good time.

We have spots open on today’s Afternoon Trip so bring the family and enjoy a special day together fishing and cruising the Jersey Shore. Pack a picnic dinner and watch for whales and dolphins while in our air-conditioned cabin. Reservations can be made on our website.


There was plenty of action around the boat today.  We fished a little further offshore again and had a few 2 to 3lb. BLUES on each drift.  As the day went on, we rounded up the MACKEREL along with some BLUES on the MACKEREL bait. By the end of the day, we saw more BLUES on the MACKEREL bait. We had a few sharks hooked up and to the boat and also picked at the SEA BASS.

The beautiful weather continues tomorrow.  It is hot onshore but there is a nice ocean breeze and a super nice air-conditioned cabin so come on down and enjoy the day on the Golden Eagle.


We started a little further offshore today and picked with occasional shots at the 2 lb. BLUEFISH with a few 6 pounders mixed in. We also had a NICE COD and some SEA BASS. 

It looks like it will be beautiful weather out in the ocean this weekend so come on down and LET'S GO FISHING.

See you in the morning.


We had good readings to stop on along the bottom and up in the water and had fish on right away this morning. We picked away at the 6 to 9lb. BLUES with shots at times. There was plenty of action with numerous limits of BLUEFISH onboard. There were some on jigs but Run Off poppers had the advantage. We finished off the day picking at the SEA BASS.

The weather for Friday, Saturday and Sunday looks gorgeous.  
Come fishing on the Golden Eagle and enjoy the breeze out on the ocean and our air-conditioned cabin. 

See you in the morning.


We had good readings of BLUEFISH but they did not want to cooperate. It was a pick both inshore and a little bit offshore. Run Off poppers had the edge today.

Don't forget that we have a nice AIR-CONDITIONED CABIN so when you are ready to take a break from fishing at the rail, grab your drinks and snacks and head inside the cabin.

The BLUEFISH are there and we will be back at it tomorrow.


And the BLUEFISH CONTINUE TO BITE…It was GOOD ACTION ALL DAY and we had a whole bunch of BLUEFISH by the end of the day. A lot were on Run Off poppers but there was also a nice mix of jigs. We also had some FLUKE and SEA BASS.  

Fish that are biting and a beautiful day in the ocean makes a great combination so be sure to get your reservations in and join us for a fun day on the Golden Eagle.


It was another GREAT DAY OF BLUEFISHING!  We had good action with medium to nice big BLUEFISH.  They were mostly on Run Off poppers again. We had a short rain shower come through and the fish turned right on. 

Nice-sized BLUES are biting and the weather is looking really nice this week so get your friends and grab your gear (or rent it from us) and come enjoy the day fishing in the ocean.

See you in the morning.